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He plans to handpick a crew that includes a "painter, musician, film director," and other artists, and maybe a couple of astronauts , to "inspire the dreamer within each of us" with the trip. When a reporter asked Musk about his possible participation in the dearMoon mission, he said seemingly half-seriously , "maybe we'll both be on it.

If Starship is realized as envisioned by Musk, it will be a roughly foot-tall two-stage steel-bodied vehicle. It'd also be the world's largest, most powerful, and paradoxically most affordable launch system because — unlike any orbital-class rockets today — it'd be fully reusable.

Musk said he may beat NASA back to the lunar surface with Starship and launch the first humans to Mars with the system, perhaps at a time. Musk is also dreaming up an even larger version of Starship, the scale of which stretches the imagination. Read more : SpaceX is eyeing these 9 places on Mars for landing its first Starship rocket missions.

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Maezawa would not disclose at the time how much he's paying SpaceX, or on what schedule. However — after tweeting in May that he has "no money" because he uses it all "immediately" — the fashion tycoon's new influx of cash may help SpaceX realize Starship in the absence of government funding. An illustration of SpaceX's upcoming Starship spaceship left , Super Heavy rocket booster right , and an integrated Starship-Super Heavy launch system center. So far, most of the work has occurred at the Texas launch site , where SpaceX started to build its first prototype, called Starhopper, in The vehicle was a test bed to prove SpaceX's new Raptor rocket engines worked on a flying vehicle.

It performed a few short test launches, or "hops," in April and July , then made its last experimental launch from Texas in August. That final flight took Starhopper about feet meters into the air before it landed on a nearby concrete pad. SpaceX is now pushing to complete two bigger, roughly foot-tall 55 meter , prototypes, called Starship Mk 1 and Mk 2 in Texas and Florida, respectively.

Each should be capable of orbiting Earth to prove out and refine launch, reentry, and landing-system technologies. Musk added that he would provide an update on the overall Starship development program on September Previously, he said he would deliver that presentation from Boca Chica — possibly to do so with a fitting backdrop.

SpaceX representatives did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment about Maezawa's latest remarks, the dearMoon mission, or overall on the Starship development program. Get the latest Yahoo stock price here. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Or better, a fireplace. White lamps, soft lights. Sweet music.

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Tears of gratitude and release, the sublime and elegantly shadowed configuration their tanned legs will make lying together. This was in America, in She tottered, holding the umbrella crookedly while he went to his knees and clasped her, the rain soaking him through, put his head under her skirt and kissed her belly, licked at her crazily through her underclothes.

She was crying and stroking his hair. Ah God, the leaves of brown came tumbling down, remember? He watched her go into the house and saw the door close. Where else would it be? I will insist on purchased elegance or nothing.

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None of your warm and cluttered apartments in this story, cats on the stacks of books, and so on. It was the first time he had ever seen a sunken living room and it fixed his idea of the good life forever after. Rebecca was talking to Marv and Robin, who were to be married in a month. They were Jewish, incredibly and wondrously Jewish, their parents smiled upon them and loaned them money and cars. Did I say that she had honey-colored hair?

Everybody was drinking Cutty Sark.

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This gives you an idea, not of who they were, but of what they thought they were. They worked desperately at it being August, but under the sharkskin and nylons those sunny limbs were hidden.

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Whose hand had touched her secret thighs. It was most unbearable since this phantom knew them in a specifically erotic way that he did not. He had touched them decorated with garters and stockings. Different thighs. She talked about The New Yorker and Vogue, e.

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She flew before him, floating in her black patent I. They were concerned about him. All right.

50 years after the moon landing: How close is space travel, really?

But did she have to let Shelley? Did she have to go to the Museum of Modern Art? The Met? Where were these places? What is the University of Miami?

The moon in its flight : stories

Who is Brooklyn Law? What sort of god borrows a Chrysler and goes to the Latin Quarter? What is a supper club? What does Benedictine cost? There was one boy who had almost made her. She had allowed him to take off her blouse and skirt, nothing else! It was wicked and she was ashamed. Battering his heart in her candor.

Well, I almost slipped too, he lied, and was terrified that she seemed relieved. He got up and closed the door, then lay down on the bed with her and took off her jacket and brassiere. She zipped open his trousers. Long enough! Sheila said, knocking on the door, then opening it to see him with his head on her breasts. Oh, oh, she said, and closed the door. Of course, it was all ruined. Let me come and sleep with you. Let me lie in your bed and look at you in your beautiful pajamas.

Who is Conrad Aiken? What is Bronx Science? Who is Berlioz? What is a Stravinsky? How do you play Mah-Jongg? When he got off the train in Brooklyn an hour later, he saw his friends through the window of the all-night diner, pouring coffee into the great pit of their beer drunks. He despised them as he despised himself and the neighborhood. Rebecca was outside, waiting on the corner of 46th and Broadway, and they clasped hands, oh briefly, briefly. They walked aimlessly around in the gray bitter cold, standing for a while at the Rockefeller Center rink, watching the people who owned Manhattan.

When it got too cold, they walked some more, ending up at the Automat across the street from Bryant Park.