Manual Seismic Analysis of Structures

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Seismic analysis, alongside seismic assessment, design and walkdown, make up a series of seismic services our highly trained specialised can deliver. With expertise in seismic engineering and an array of other structural integrity analysis services, EASL can not only assess seismic factors but also take into account and analyse the potential threat and risks surrounding such concerns, allowing for a great level of clarity for our clients.


Seismic analysis is a subset of structural analysis and calculates the response of structures, systems and components SSCs to earthquakes. It is part of earthquake engineering that designs and analyses SSCs, such as buildings, pressure vessels and cranes, to demonstrate their operability, integrity and stability, to earthquakes. For safety-related nuclear SSCs, seismic analysis is often an essential part of nuclear safety case.

Seismic analysis

Analysing these risks ensures that clear information is available to determine the best preventative action. We have extensive seismic analysis expertise and experience in calculating seismic response of a wide range of SSCs for seismic design, substantiation or nuclear safety case.

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Gilani pointed out that it is due to the difficulty of such validation that the code requires peer review of design based on nonlinear analysis. One new topic that surfaced from the discussion was the need for data management given the large amount of data produced when conducting advanced analyses. This is important to recognize, as it goes hand-in-hand with the need to interpret results.

Nonlinear Seismic Analysis and Structural Performance Evaluation of a Complex High-Rise Building

It was noted that pushover analysis is less useful for drift or ductility demand, but rather to help proportion the structure to activate any intended ductile mechanism [Sabelli]. Given recent discussions and even votes, the need for more education and training on advanced topics like nonlinear analysis cannot be overstated.

Seismic Load Calc Example

Education, training, workshops, continuing education units, and other types of professional development are paramount. Monique Head, Ph.

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This article summarizes some of the highlights from the session that may prove useful for structural engineers who are confronted with the challenge of conducting nonlinear seismic analysis, where several initial questions arise: Does this design warrant advanced nonlinear analysis?

Who will pay for it? Will the project finish on time due to the extended amount of time required to do such a complicated analysis? Is there confidence in the results produced based on assumptions made? Walterio A.

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For example, the group is working on performance-based earthquake analysis and design of petrochemical piping systems and their components, such as flange joints, tee joints, elbows, valves, pressure vessels and storage tanks, which are highly important for the energy industries to transport goods like oil and gas across the world. Recent reports showed that piping systems are quite vulnerable to earthquakes and catastrophic damages occurred as a results of their failure under seismic events.

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Relevant research of the HMSDC group focuses on exploiting performance-based earthquake engineering design methodologies to safeguard the integrity of piping systems and their components under seismic loadings. RFSR-CT , within which it conducted experimental and numerical investigations to evaluate seismic performance of a petrochemical piping systems and their components.